Join our unique programme and get your journey recorded!

We are developing a recorded programme, to be shown on our channels, where we record training and helping people to:

Get super fit at ANY age

Improve thier wellness

Improve thier health

Feel and cope better

Reverse or slow ageing

Look younger

Age 50-80? It doesn’t matter what your current position is.

If you are interested in this programme, please get in touch to find out more, use the form below to reach out.

How it works

Once you get in touch we will contact you to discuss how we are developing our recorded programme.

We will work with a group of people transform their fitness, wellness, health and immunity, their energy, how they look, their emotional and mental strength. 

We will record this work on camera and publish through media for audiences to enjoy, follow and use as inspiration to get the population as a whole motivated to tackle the consequences of ageing.

Most of these consequences, for example common health challenges, are unnecessary and are directly linked to preventable measures. In other words, if you are fit, well, healthy and follow certain practices, you can change the picture for yourself entirely.

If you want to join the programme and use our help to go on this journey, and have all of this recorded then please use the form below.

More about the programme

Once you get in touch we will talk with you about you, learn more about your current position, your back story, your goals, and we can explain how the programme works.

We will develop with a group of people, who will need to commit to working with us:

  • On their fitness
  • Nutrition
  • Understanding their unique constitution (everyone is different)
  • How to build lifelong habits of improving their health prospects and longevity

We will work with well-known and expert team members who will help co-ordinate both the individual and group programme.

It doesn’t matter what your current age is, as long as you are between 50 and 80, whether you are male or female, or what your current state of health/fitness is, we want anyone who is committed to going on this journey and having it recorded into a final series of programmes for us to publish.

To reach out to us, to discuss this further, please complete the short form below and we will be back to you very quickly: