The dieting world is full of jeopardy. For one, most people who set out to diet, end up failing. The psychological challenge is immense. This explains why support groups can often make a positive difference. Because to try and change your diet all on your own, can be tough, with great intentions being trumped by miserable consequences. Changing diet can cause pain and anguish, so to get through this requires discipline and a motivation that benefits from help.

Another reason why expertise is important is that one diet does not work everyone. There may be some notable exceptions, for example the Mediterranean diet seems to fit this description, but many other popular diets simply do not work in the same way for each participant.

A good nutritionist is worth their weight in gold, and will be especially useful in helping you find the right diet for your constitution and aims.

Clearly, they don’t work for nothing, but honestly if you are a coffee binging, alcohol friendly, fast food junkie, their cost to help you move to a new position will be one of the best investments you could ever make. In some cases, they may even pay for themselves.

But if you want to make this work, and don’t want to pay for expert nutritional advice and support, then our modern connected world of information and services provides a way forward.

The key here is that you will need to work your way through endless amounts of non-expertise posing as expertise, and dubious claims from unreliable sources.

If you are going on your journey without seeking specific one to one expertise then look for peer-reviewed research. Understand what qualifications any individual has, or in the case of a company – who is behind it. Check the science that is being put forward as the basis for any claim, see if that science is backed by other unrelated sources.