NOTHING is more important to your health and longevity prospects than your nutrition, what you put inside your body (or don’t put inside!)

You are, as the common phrase suggests, what you eat and drink.

For many people this is a tough fact to take, because they have developed habits so entrenched that changing their diet seems unappealing and unattainable.

If you are serious about changing your healthspan and lifespan prospects, you have no choice.

If you currently have a diet that works against you, you must change to one that works for you.

The science around nutrition can often seem confusing, should you focus on protein, or carbs, is meat bad for you, white bread or brown bread?  When you delve deeper, it is not confusing, it is the opposite. The science is consistent and clear.

You should follow our ethos: only listen to the scientists, ignore the food industry, ignore vested interests, and seek out impartial experts.

If you do that it becomes easy to see what needs to be done.

Diet is more important than exercise, although – of course – both are ultimately crucial to your wellbeing – but if pushed, and there was only one option, it would be diet every time. Many people who commit to exercising, but retain poor dietary habits are short changing themselves. They will not make that much difference to their long-term health and longevity prospects. You cannot rely on exercise alone to improve things. There is no compromise, if you want to make a real difference, you MUST replace poor dietary habits with good ones.

Learn about diet, lifespan and health span

Telomere length is a big favourite of ours within the pages of this site. Why? Because the more research we come across into lifespan, ageing, longevity, the more we read about the importance of the telomeres, those caps found at the ends of chromosomes that protect DNA.

The personalised approach

Having a personalised approach means understanding what it is that you need to support your body, not what someone else needs to support their body. Because, as has become apparent in recent years, through studies and research, we are all different when it comes to our dietary needs.

How to change your diet

You need to understand your own dietary needs, which is why we suggest spending time taking advice from a nutritionist. Nothing beats getting your own position evaluated with an expert.

Getting help from experts

The dieting world is full of jeopardy. For one, most people who set out to diet, end up failing. The psychological challenge is immense. This explains why support groups can often make a positive difference.