Knowing yourself is all about two things:

  1. Identifying your own individual needs in respect of your health, fitness and nutrition
  2. Taking responsibility

When it comes to fitness, as with the other aspects, there are going to be some staples that will apply regardless of your individual position, some of these are:

  • You simply cannot be overweight and expect to improve your lifespan and health span prospects
  • You should be able to do certain basic exercises whatever your age, examples include touching your toes, one leg stands, walking freely and for long distances
  • Being relatively strong, in terms of your age

It’s difficult to see how anyone can be classified as fit unless they meet these consistencies, that apply for all people, men and women, across all age groups.

However, beyond the basic foundation level, that consistent set of fitness tests (some of which are mentioned above) then it becomes a personal approach, that will vary from person to person.

You have to approach any programme of improving your fitness by understanding where you are starting from in terms of the foundation level, and this will be dependent on your age and existing health position. You need to then target building your fitness to reach the relevant foundation level. This will embrace developing your strength, mobility, stamina and speed.

How long this takes is dependent on a number of factors, but should be achievable in most cases within six months.

Once the foundation level is reached then advanced levels can be explored, and this is where the individual characteristics come in, because what you want to do, what you are capable of, will be personal to you. And there are many directions you can go in, but you have to meet the foundation level first.

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