Whether it is how you should exercise or what diet you should follow, scientific advances have started to demonstrate something important.

Your needs are unique to you.

The same exercise regime can have a different effect on different people.

This is true also for diets and nutrition. What will work best for you, could be totally different to what works best for your friend.

Unless you know your unique constitution, your biological age, your risks from certain diseases and your potential future fitness levels, and know them well, you will not be able to optimise your  prospects.

You simply must learn your overall health position and risks, in fine detail.

How to find out your biological age

Chronological age = how old you are measured in years since you were born

Biological age = how old you are biologically, in other words how old your body is, a key pointer to your health span and lifespan prospects

Science tackling aging

The fact that you can now discover your own personalised ageing profile, how old you really are and how fast or slow you are degenerating, is great. As this will enable any individual to take proactive steps to intervene (through diet, lifestyle, and exercise). And this will make a big difference at the individual level…

Discover your unique dietary needs

“One size does not fit all”

One of the breakthroughs in the past few years has been the understanding of how much variation there is in the precise dietary needs from person to person.

There are staples that apply to everyone, such as avoiding sugar, there is not a person in the world who benefits from a diet full of sugar. So, that is a common dietary factor applying to everyone, but beyond the common staples  it gets more personalised.

Work out your fitness programme

Knowing yourself is all about two things:

1. Identifying your own individual needs in respect of your health, fitness and nutrition

2. Taking responsibility

Putting it altogether

What is known, what is certain, TODAY is just how much you can impact your own prospects for wellness and fitness, and for increasing your own longevity.

You can make a major difference to all these – and you can start doing so at any age, it is never too late.