• These exercises are designed for the over 50s
  • Any exercise regime must be started only after checking with a medical expert, such as your Doctor, that the specific exercises included are suitable for you, based on your health and fitness
  • Every individual is different, so you must work out your own individual needs, and what amongst the exercises are most useful – and possible
  • Remember it is the entire body that needs to be strengthened, so try and work on all parts, including your core strength
  • You are aiming to learn any exercise so that you perform it correctly, taking time to learn how to do a particular exercise well – is very important

How to work out what to do:


Most strength exercises require resistance of one sort or another, you should start at your easiest point of performing the exercise and get used to doing it at a sub-optimal level, so that you do the exercise properly.


If you are unable to perform an exercise due to constraints (injury or mobility) then seek out an alternative or modified version.


You should pick a series of strength exercises that will work the entire body, and then perform these together and regularly in sessions.


So, a session should combine a “circuit” of exercises.


You should start with doing sessions at the lowest – or easiest – level of each exercise and do a few sessions per week, staying at this level until you feel it is right to go up a level.


For example, if you can comfortably do five press ups, and five squats, and five sit ups, plus some resistance band and small weights training, then do a six minute session that includes each of these.


Do this 4-5 times per week for a week or two, and then move on to 12 minute sessions, increasing the number of your repetitions of each or some of the specific exercises.


You build  by extending the time of your sessions and the repetitions or resistance.


Your starting point and speed of progression is entirely down to your position and constitution.


  • Get checked out before you start
  • Get regular check ups and monitor your health and fitness level as you progress
  • Get help from experts , join a class if you can
  • Nutrition and improvements in diet help to build strength
Push Ups
Sit Ups