Stairs is an exercise where you use a stairway to walk (or run) up and down, an amazing way to condition yourself.

BUT BEWARE! Only use this exercise if you are confident in your balance, your safety and you are at a level where you can tolerate this extra effort and pressure on your body. This is an exercise you can skip if you are in any doubt. Take suitable medical advice before moving onto this exercise.

Stairs help with:

Seriously raising your heart rate, so you get out of breath plus it will strengthen your lower body muscles. Great for weight loss and burning calories.

How to do use stairs in your exercise regime:

  • Be safe with this exercise!!!!

  • Build this into your stamina sessions, so you combine this with walking/running, to mix up your routine. Can be combined into other exercise regimes (e.g. stretching, strength training etc.)

  • Walk up and down a flight of stairs, at whatever pace you feel comfortable with.

  • Do a number that you feel comfortable with, for instance – two walks up, Two down. Have breaks and ensure your joints are taking the strain without pressure. Use the stair rail or banister to help maintain your balance and safety.

  • Maybe use a timer to do this for a period, rather than a number of up’s or down’s.

  • Find your level and don’t push it. The idea is to progress over weeks and months.

  • Stay relaxed, enjoy the effect, and be patient. Nothing positive occurs for a while when exercising.