• These exercises are designed for the over 50s
  • Any exercise regime must be started only after checking with a medical expert, such as your Doctor, that the specific exercises included are suitable for you, based on your health and fitness
  • Every individual is different, so you must work out your own individual needs, and what amongst the exercises are most useful – and possible
  • Mobility and movement is about building your flexibility, how well and how far you can stretch.
  • It is a valuable component of any exercise regime in its own right, but also acts as a foundation for other exercises such as strength building and stamina.

How to work out what to do:


Understand your starting point, and how you want to develop and build your flexibility.


Look at all the options, from simple stretching exercises, through to Yoga and Pilates.


Choose what works best for you.


Be patient, as increased flexibility, mobility and movement can take time to develop.


With all exercises, learning to breathe properly with the exercise is important, in this area it is crucial.


Focus on your targets and objectives, but a relaxed focus.


Develop and build over time, mapping your progress.


  • Get checked out before you start
  • Get regular check ups and monitor your health and fitness level as you progress
  • Get help from experts, join a class if you can
  • Nutrition and improvements in diet help to maintain a great body weight and keep you fit, just as much as the exercise does.
Touching Toes
Quadriceps Stretch
Sideways Stretch
Child's Pose