I was with a good friend recently admiring their handiwork around their property.

They have an amazing home and quite a bit of land, they do most of their own building work, including their new swimming pool, beautifully built into the landscape, sunken, and perfectly positioned.

That work, physical and outdoors must be beneficial health-wise, but they have niggling health worries all the same.

Their home is amazing, and they look after it with a passion. And they will spend money on it, real, proper money! I expect you know what I mean.

But when was the last time they went for that comprehensive health check? They are the right age to get significant checks for nothing, but even with the free stuff, they haven’t taken it up.

They have the money to afford the most advanced and modern options. They could spend a fraction of what they do on their home and get just about every last angle on their health position covered.

It’s odd to apply resource – time and money – to the home, but not to the people living within it.

Why would any individual make this choice? To neglect their own wellbeing?

I don’t know the answer, except to say that it must be to do with the idea that somehow we need to “accept our lot”, to take what comes. Maybe it is to do with ignorance as well.

Whatever it is, it doesn’t make sense. The benefit of regular checks are so great, helping us to avoid serious illness and early death.

The checks available today are far from guaranteeing such things, but they will move the dial, they change the prospects, they are part of managing the risks. Because those checks are designed to identify the markers which signal problems ahead.

Getting in front of a health problem is one of the best ways of curing it.