Visualisation is not just a neat concept, it has tangible evidence - relating to brain functionality - to back it up.

To practice this technique, you need to visualise your objective, target, goal, future position with accuracy. You need to see yourself in that position, as if you were in that position in the present tense.

So, you visualise “I have exceptional fitness” or “I am strong and flexible”. Better still, get this into a more specific statement “I run every day at a level that only 1% of my age group can achieve” or “I do ten thousand steps per day five days per week”.

You get the idea? You want to make your visualisation as vivid, real and current as you can.

And repeat this over and over, preferably writing it down. The real effect occurs when you convince yourself of its reality, this includes applying detail to your experience, for example, where do you run every day, at what time, how does it make you feel? How hot or cold is it, what clothing are you wearing, what does your running style look like?

This is no trick, it is utilising the way the brain works to an enhanced level. It triggers parts of your brain to work in a way that starts to change the way you behave.

The visualisation is a way to bring the vision into your reality, and it is to do with frequencies, even though some people find this a little new age and spooky.

Can you really manifest what you think about most? Yes, is the answer.

The frequency you set through the visualisation has the effect of steering your decisions, actions and behaviours towards the position you have visualised. It impacts how you interact with others, how you identify yourself, and how others identify you. That all adds up to changes in your own behaviour and in others, who behave differently when interacting with you.

To become fitter and healthier, you can use visualise very effectively. For instance, if you have never run in your life, and you decide that running would be a good way to improve your fitness, and you want to become an outstanding runner for your age group, then one way to get started is not to buy running shoes and step out your front door, but to visualise yourself as a runner (then buy the shoes, step out the door etc.)

The visualisation provides a reliable way to move yourself into a new state or onto a new plain, it works in all walks of life.