It’s true – the quality of your exercises will make a difference to how well you develop any aspect of it. More than this, quality in many ways, reduces the prospects for injury, a common side effect of enhanced exercising.

But, in my view, respecting quality is important, but not as important as quantity.

I know people who do a bit here and there, and they do it well. They dance, they go to yoga classes, or they attend morning Tai Chi. And they can do these things well.

But they are not fit, and they don’t look fit. Which is pretty much the same thing most of the time.

The reason? It’s because the quantity/quality ratio is wrong.

I despair at some of the new fangled ideas that you can do what you need to do in a short period each day or week. The idea that if you do X for 20 minutes per week, you will be making a difference.

I consider exercise a complete lifestyle commitment, it only really works if you are making it who you are and what you do. So, dance away – that’s amazing. But, then also work on your strength, flexibility, stamina, posture in other ways as well, mix it up, vary it across the days, do a lot of things.

Plus, eat well.

You have to be working on your fitness all the time, you should make it who you are. It’s not even that hard once you get going, it’s fun and life enhancing.